About Us

It all started with the most basic elements, three little molecules named H, H, and O. The Perfect Empowered Drinking Water® team, out of the goodness in our hearts, decided to give all three a makeover - or something close to it. Actually, our team's been researching the use of our proprietary processes in water for several years. The results were so positive that the journey for perfection in a bottled water began.

The result of years of researching other bottled waters, combined with more than 75 years total experience in beverage analysis, product development, chemistry, marketing, and business reveals a bottled water that's, dare we say it - perfect.

Perfect Empowered Drinking Water® - we hope you love it as much as we do.

We know that there are a lot of products out there, more specifically, a TON of water products... even premium water products. But it's up to us at Perfect Empowered Drinking Water® to make ours the best, to make it "Perfect". With that said, our team has spent hours, weeks and years (over 75 combined years, in fact) doing just that.

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Our water is so Perfect that it's not available in your local grocery store, or even in high-end retail shops. Perfect Empowered Drinking Water is available through Amway Independent Business Owners (IBOs). For more information about ordering or becoming an IBO contact the person who introduced you to Perfect Empowered Drinking Water.