1) Perfect Empowered Drinking Water FAQ':

Are there vitamins in Perfect Empowered Drinking Water?
No, there are no vitamins in Perfect Empowered Drinking Water™. We developed Perfect Empowered Drinking Water™ to be a pure, clean, and natural tasting drinking water. The final product contains trace amounts of several minerals and Electrolytes too-all things that help to make your body stronger and healthier!

What is all of the hype about the source of the bottled water?
Many bottled waters contain names and labels with enticing images of cool mountain streams, peaceful tropical settings, or other inducements to give the appearance of pure water. However, most bottled water and even some of those with the enticing labels, start out with whatever source of clean drinking water is available to the particular location of the bottling plant (which is typically from some public water source). Many municipal water sources come from rivers, wells, aquifers, and reservoirs with water that started out as snow from the mountains. The big issue is not so much what the source of the water is, but rather whether or not the bottling company cleans the water. Regardless of the source, all bottled drinking water needs to be cleaned and purified. Even the water from supposedly pristine mountain streams and lakes may contain potential dangerous microbes such as Giardia and E-coli. As a society we cannot escape the harmful chemicals and bacteria that affect our water supplies. As a result, it does not matter where the water comes from... IT MATTERS WHAT YOU DO TO IT!

We start with some of the cleanest drinking water available, but that's still not good enough for us -- or for you! To ensure that you get the best water we can produce, Perfect Empowered Drinking Water™ utilizes a proprietary 15-step purification process as just the beginning in creating a water "so perfect that Mother Nature would be jealous!"

Does Perfect Empowered Drinking Water™ contain any calories?
No calories here.

Does Perfect Empowered Drinking Water™ contain any sweeteners?
We do not use any sugars or artificial sweeteners in the water. Our goal is to bring you the cleanest and highest quality water available on the market. We believe we have done that. Perfect Empowered Drinking Water™ tastes pure and smooth and once you drink it we are confident your body will agree.

What is Microstructured water?
MicroStructured Water has unique properties that are rarely found in other types of drinking water. It is believed that water molecules cluster together which makes it difficult for the body to utilize them until the clusters are broken up. Our proprietary Microstructuring process is designed to break up these large clusters resulting in a water which is believed to create a smoother, "wetter" water where the water is now able to pass into the cells of the body more easily. Taste the water and let your body feel the difference.

Is There Anything Synthetic In Perfect Empowered Drinking Water™?
No. The ingredients and nutritional information are both on the label and in the nutritional facts on www.drinkperfectwater.com. There are no synthetic ingredients in Perfect Empowered Drinking Water™.

Why is there Sodium in Perfect Empowered Drinking Water™?
Sodium and other electrolytes are added to Perfect Empowered Drinking Water™ to help replenish the electrolytes naturally eliminated by our bodies as we work, exercise, play or rest. Be assured that the amount of sodium in each bottle of Perfect Empowered Drinking Water™ is negligible when compared with the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) for adults of 2400mg. Each bottle of Perfect Empowered Drinking Water™ has only 18mg per serving.

Is the bottle recyclable?
We are very proud to say, after an extensive search, we have found what we believe is the best bottle for our water. On the bottom of each bottle is a triangle with the number 1 in the center and the letters PETE underneath. This means it is a PETE1 bottle. PETE1 is recommended by the FDA for water and juices and is recognized as the most common and easily recycled plastic. It is also safe in that it does not contain the harmful BPA chemicals which have been in the news about some other plastics leaching chemicals. Please recycle! When a better alternative to PETE1 comes along, we will check it out!

Is There a Concern Over The Bottles Leaching BPA?
Our bottles are PETE1 (Polyethylene Terephthalate), not Poly Carbonate, and contain no BPA. Perfect Empowered Drinking Water™ bottles are the industry standard for safe bottles for water, soda, and juices.

Does Perfect Empowered Drinking Water™ contain fluoride?
The purification processes that are used remove all measurable fluoride so that it will remain a pure, clean drinking water.

What is the shelf life of the product?
Two years.

How long does the MBO© last after the bottle has been opened?
Once you open the bottle you should drink it within a reasonable amount of time. To help prevent bacteria from the air entering the bottle, a good habit to get into is to recap your bottle in between drinks.

How much of this can I drink a day? Are there any restrictions to the amount of Perfect Empowered Drinking Water an adult can drink?
There are no restrictions on the amount of Perfect Water that can be consumed in a day. Drink only as much as your body tells you it wants and needs.

Can I drink less water if I drink only Perfect Empowered Drinking Water?
How effectively water hydrates does not mean that a person will necessarily need less water. There is no specific ratio. Each person's body and needs are different. There are so many variables (such as exercise, outside temperature, stress, elimination, etc.) that change day-to-day, so there is no way to accurately measure the perfect hydration for any specific amount of time. Your body is the best judge of how much hydration is appropriate for you. Be careful not to deprive your body of its most important nutrient water!

If I have a medical condition can I drink the water?
Yes, unless your medical condition would prevent or limit the drinking of normal drinking water. Check the label or www.drinkperfectwater.com for ingredients and nutritional facts. Consult with your physician if you have specific health questions, issues, or medical needs.

I have a medical sensitivity to potassium. How much potassium is in an 8 ounce serving?
The amount of potassium is 0.85mg.

Can you make hot chocolate and coffee with this water?
Perfect Empowered Drinking Water can be used with hot chocolate, coffee, juices, and any beverage where water is added.

Can I use Perfect Empowered Drinking Water for my pets?
Perfect Empowered Drinking Water is safe and suitable for your cat, dog, horse, pet lizard, or any other pet you may have. If ideal hydration is important for humans, imagine what it can do for your pet.

Are there any adverse reactions to consuming the water?
Perfect Empowered Drinking Water is premium water and is safe to drink. There are no known adverse reactions.

Should I drink this water before or after I exercise?
Perfect Empowered Drinking Water is the perfect companion for your exercise program to keep you hydrated before, during, and after your workout.

Can I let my children drink Perfect Empowered Drinking Water?
Children need hydration too! Perfect Empowered Drinking Water is appropriate for anyone of any age

Is it safe to drink the water during pregnancy?
There are no known or expected risks to drinking the water during pregnancy. It is a premium drinking water and is acceptable for use as such for all drinking water needs.

What are the recommendations for drinking a partially consumed bottle after it has been left in a hot car?
Generally, it is not recommended that any product, bottle, can, juice, or other food items opened and exposed to the bacteria in your mouth be left to cook in a hot car or other similar environment.
As with any food or beverage product, it is better to store all beverages (i.e. water, sodas, energy drinks, and juices) and food products in a cool environment out of direct sunlight or heat

What are the benefits of drinking Perfect Empowered Drinking Water?
The first thing is our proprietary filtration and purification process to take out all harmful bacteria and chemicals. Once we have taken out the bad, we begin the perfection process ! We add some healthy minerals and electrolytes, and then add our MBO®.

How is Perfect Empowered Drinking Water different from other bottled waters?
With so many premium bottled waters on the market today, it's hard to distinguish one from the next. Perfect Empowered Drinking Water makes it easier to do just that. Some drinking waters purify to some small degree and do nothing else to the water. Listed here are a few of the differences:
Our bottled water goes through an extensive proprietary purification process. We clean the water to approximately 0 TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) in the water, taking out all harmful chemicals and bacteria.
In addition we re-mineralize adding electrolytes along with some trace minerals - all good things the body needs!
We add MBO® which is a proprietary ingredient which makes the water unique in a way that the body feels.
We have researched and created what we think to be the Perfect Water. Try it and feel the difference.

I want to give some of this water to my favorite sports team. Is there anything about the water that is likely to cause NCAA or other organizations concern?
There are no steroids, synthetics, performance-enhancing drugs, or harmful substances of any kind in our water. It's water (hydrogen and oxygen molecules) and electrolytes and potassium as listed in the ingredients on the bottle or on www.drinkperfectwater.com.

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Our water is so Perfect that it's not available in your local grocery store, or even in high-end retail shops. Perfect Empowered Drinking Water is available through Amway Independent Business Owners (IBOs). For more information about ordering or becoming an IBO contact the person who introduced you to Perfect Empowered Drinking Water.